Walk with Kids

Grab your Kids, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Family and Friends and take our Plano Art Walk tours by foot, ride or drive.

Download the Maps, the Guide and use our Questions & Prompts to help you get more out of the Tour.

Questions for Kids & Families


Some of these prompts ask that you have something to write or draw with so a hard surface like a book or clipboard to write on is useful too!

DISCLAIMER: Parents may want to review these questions ahead of time, as some of them deal with sensitive material. We trust that you will be able to decide the age appropriateness of each question for your child(ren)

Rhythmic Illustrations
Sculpture Dancer

Rhythmic Illuminations (metal sculptures along 15th Street)

What do you think these sculptures are made of?

How does this sculpture make you feel?

Does this shape change as you view it from different angles?

If this sculpture could travel, where would it want to go?

If this sculpture could dance, what song would it dance to?

If these sculptures were real people, what do you think their personalities would be like? Can you interpret it by drawing it?

Cox Theater & Courtyard Theater

Can you remember a time where you really enjoyed viewing or maybe participating in a recital, stage play, musical, concert or performance like many of the ones held in each of these Theaters? What do you remember?

Plano High School & Gym

Can you imagine what it would have been like to attend school here in the 1920’s? What would that look, sound, feel or even smell like?

ArtCentre of Plano

Can you imagine living in this house 50, or even 100 years ago? How would that be different than if you lived there today?

DeBusk Sculpture Plano Texas

DeBusk Sculpture & Art Through the Park

What does it look like the two people in the (DeBusk) sculpture are doing? What emotions do they seem to be expressing?

W. Heron Mural

What symbols do you notice first in this mural? Which ones are your favorites?

Can you draw your own version of a “quadriptych” (a piece of artwork made of 4 panels or paintings?)

Douglass Mural “Tracks of our Past and Future”

It may be hard to imagine, but can you think of some of the struggles that a slave might have faced?

Can you imagine what it would have been like to be a freedman (a formerly enslaved person who has been released from slavery)?

How hard or easy do you think it would be to make a mosaic? Can you draw your own version of a mosaic?

L.A. David (& Old City) Cemetery

Most of us know that many people still are not treated fairly because of the color of their skin. Can you think back to a time when you weren’t treated fairly? How did that make you feel?

Imagine a time when you lose something or someone that you loved. How did you handle it?

Stimpson & Drake Park

How do you think it would feel to have a park named after/for you? Would you be proud?

Interurban Railway Museum Plano TX

Interurban Railway Museum

How do you get to work and school? How is that different than the railway?

What do you think this rail car carried? Why or why not?

McCall Plaza

How does listening to live music make you feel? Can you write a poem or draw a picture?

Allen Rock

Do you think it would be hard or easy to paint on a canvas such as a rock?


If you had to write a story using each letter of your name, what would it say?

Fire Station 1 Plano TX

Fire Station #1

What message do you think that the artist is trying to convey (show) with the piece Everyone Goes Home?

Can you count how many Dalmation dogs there are? Can you draw a picture with the same number of items?

Vickery Park Mural

What is the story the artist is trying to tell with this mural? Do the people look happy?

If you had to guess, what time period do you think this is set in?

Mule Sculpture & Haggard Park

Does the Mule seem ‘real’? Why or why not?

Can you find the iron fly that is bothering the iron mule? Why do you think the artist included the fly?

You can also download and print these Coloring Pages too!

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Courtesy of Plano Conservancy