The Good Neighbor Promise

The Plano ArtWalk is a series of self-guided tours that weave through private and public neighborhoods.

Georgia Mural Plano Art Walk
Georgia Mural

As you explore our great city, please remember to be a good neighbor by practicing common courtesy rules, or what we Texans like to call the “Texas Tradition”. 

  • Be respectful at all times. We wish to preserve the integrity of our art, history, and culture, for ourselves, and future generations to come.
  • Be mindful, you are driving through neighborhoods that some folks call “home”. Take care when parking in front of someone’s business, home or mailbox!
  • Be cautious, some streets are narrow, obey all laws, and look for signs that allow or do not allow parking. Do not obstruct traffic, we have places to go!
  • Be kind, since we feature multiple cemeteries and a church on our tour, please treat them as the special, sacred, and historical places that they are.
  • Be safe, walk on sidewalks and keep them clean and clear. Please dispose of or recycle litter appropriately.
  • Be friendly, visit our area businesses; spend time with us at our local eateries. And remember, the Texas tradition is to smile and wave, do not be a stranger!
Plano Art Walk

Commitment to Diversity: 

We are committed to a culture of inclusion by celebrating our beautiful city’s history and culture through the arts! Please join us on our self-guided walking tours through our communities.

Come learn why Plano has earned and strives to keep the national reputation as a city of excellence, along with being a great cultural hotspot in North Texas!

Our unique suburb is a perfect blend of Southern hospitality, Texas tradition, respect for diversity, and inspired innovation.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is celebrated! 

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